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Spanish teacher so as to international exams DELE/ ELE and general cultural .
From EcuadorLiving in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador (00:28 UTC-05:00)
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italki teacher since Apr 22, 2022
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Hola mi nombre es Darwin me gusta viajar y conocer nuevos lugares como la cultura el idiomas y costumbres ademas, me gusta la gastronomía hacer ejercicios ,tecnología ,ademas me gusta investigar sobre acontecimientos o nuevos inventos que revolucionan el mundo , unos de los acontecimientos que me llama la atención es la inteligencia artificial ademas me gusta los lenguajes y descubrir nuevas técnicas de aprendizaje atreves de la investigación .La gastronomía también es parte de mi intereses ya que me permite conocer las cultura de las personas atreves de la gastronomía también como realizar actividades físicas .para finalizar soy sociable, paciente .

Spanish Lessons

Trial Lesson
4 lessons completed
USD 5.00+
Español en general
A1 -  C2


8 lessons completed
USD 10.00
Examenes Internacionales DELE /ELE
A1 -  C2

Test Preparation

10 lessons completed
USD 12.00
Practica de conversación
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

5 lessons completed
USD 10.00
Español en general para niños
A1 -  C2


14 lessons completed
USD 10.00
Business, economics, finances, and Marketing./ Negocios ,economía , finanzas , marketing ,
A1 -  C2


3 lessons completed
USD 12.00
Phonetic,pronunciation, and reduction of accent / fonetica , reducion de acento y pronunciación
A1 -  C2


0 lessons completed
USD 10.00


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5 Reviews

7 Spanish lessons
I enjoy taking classes with Darwin. He is very patient and kind. He always comes prepared and has material for me to study. Looking forward to more classes with him.
Apr 30, 2023
7 Spanish lessons
Seriously Darwin is one of the best tutors I've ever interacted with. I think he is the 40th person I've talked with on iTalki and he is one of the best. Very calm, he is super attentive to my questions. I feel like my pronunciation is making leaps in improvements with him. I'd say I'm an intermediate-advanced learner and he is perfect for my level. His accent is also super neutral. He always prepares lessons in advance and they are usually spot on with things I have to work on. I would recommend him to anyway, really great tutor.
Apr 25, 2023
7 Spanish lessons
I've taken 270+ lessons on italk.com. I'm working towards taking the C1 DELE exam. Darwin is the best teacher I've encountered on here. He is motivating and actually very, very good at teaching grammatical structure. Would recommend to anyone, I think he is going to get me where I need to be for C1.
Mar 26, 2023
7 Spanish lessons
Darwin was a very patient and positive teacher. He had good materials prepared and a lot was learned in the first lesson. Looking forward to the next lesson.
Dec 17, 2022
6 Spanish lessons
Darwin is incredibly kind, patient, clear, and motivating. I anticipate a strong working relationship to improve my Spanish
Jun 10, 2022
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