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Olá a todos! Meu nome é Cynthia, sou do Rio de Janeiro. Adoro conhecer pessoas de todas as partes do mundo e é um grande prazer te ajudar a aprender a falar o português do Brasil de forma natural. Sou graduada em letras português-inglês na Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro. Tenho pós-graduação em tradução e mestrado em Linguística pela Universidade de Hamburgo, Alemanha. Iniciei minhas atividades como professora de língua inglesa em 2002 e atuo como professora de português para estrangeiros desde 2010. Agende uma aula comigo e comece hoje mesmo a soltar a língua e falar português! :-) Instagram @portugues.fluente

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Brazilian Portuguese for foreigners (intermediate and advanced)
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Portuguese Crash Course for begginers


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Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation
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461 Reviews

30 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another excellent lesson with Cynthia where we touched on the "conditional past imperfect" used-for-courtesy tense (Ï would/Would you..?") which is conjugated very different from Spanish. Yet, Cynthia was very patient and helpful, and next time we will practice more of this. A+++++
Dec 2, 2023
40 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Cynthia is very detail-oriented and I feel I get a high level of instruction. I leave each lesson with several points of emphasis for me to focus on during my time between lessons.
Nov 3, 2023
Parker V
36 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I teach for a living and have studied a fair number of languages in the classroom and can say from experience that Cynthia is a truly spectacular teacher. She's not just fun, encouraging, and creative; she has a physician-like ability to spot something that the student needs to work on and not only to write it down but to develop a "treatment plan" to address it. Learning with Cynthia extend beyond the hours of one-on-one tutoring, to materials she shares, podcasts she produces, a whatsapp group she runs for students. Both my partner and I take classe with her and couldn't be happier.
Mar 15, 2023
Jody Choi
5 Portuguese lessons
Cynthia is very patient with me and provides a lot of positive feedback. I appreciate her use of teaching aids such as pictures, texts and sharing culture.
Dec 6, 2023
30 Portuguese lessons
Another excellent lesson with Cynthia where I worked on past perfect and past imperfect tenses while completing workbook exercises and after sharing experiences from my last 2 weeks. A+++++
Nov 18, 2023
30 Portuguese lessons
I am so glad to return to my lessons with Cynthia after a much-needed pause. As always, I had a wonderful time practicing and learning new terms very relevant to my current personal and professional circumstances. A+++++
Oct 28, 2023
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