What Is A Project Labor Agreement And How Does It Affect Workers

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[22] In particular, the order stipulated that neither the federal government nor any federally supported authority may require or prohibit contractors from signing union agreements as a condition of carrying out work on publicly funded construction projects. [21] The order allowed all previously agreed ASAs to continue and did not affect projects that had not received federal funding. [23] Bush`s order revoked the previous A.A. executive order, Clinton Order 12836, which was President George H.W. Bush`s executive order in 1992. [16] President George W. Bush issued an amendment in April 2001 to exempt certain projects from this order if, at the time of the order, a contract had already been awarded under an existing apl. An APL applies to all contractors and subcontractors of a project. The study included projects of $5 million or more and excluded small and large projects (defined as projects under 40,000 square feet and projects over 400,000 square feet, respectively). The estimate of $16.51 is based on actual construction costs and not on tender costs, which are the initial price of a project declared by the successful bidder.

The study concluded that A.A. increased the bid cost of 126 construction projects by $18.83 per square foot (or 14%). .

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