Vending Machine Agreement Uk

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6.1. This Agreement shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts. 5.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale represent the entire agreement between the customer and UK Vending Ltd regarding the maintenance of the equipment for the duration of the guaranteed supply 8. DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS 8.1 During the lifetime and you purchase the quantities of products necessary to keep the equipment in stock from time to time, and you agree that each year you will spend no less than the minimum amount of purchases. 8.2 If the combined price of the products you have purchased during a three-month period (actual purchase amount) is below the minimum target set for that three-month period (unless the shortfall was caused by our default or a force majeure event), we may, at our discretion, treat this error as an incurable breach and terminate the contract in accordance with clause 12.2.2 or ask you to pay ( and to vote). to pay) the difference between the minimum target amount and the actual amount of the purchase applicable for that period. 8.3 Nothing in the contract gives you priority delivery of the Products over our other customers, but we will make reasonable efforts to maintain sufficient inventory to meet your average requirements from time to time over the lifetime. 8.4 Any contract for the sale of products consists of the terms of sale, any changes to the terms of sale contained in this contract, any special terms expressly agreed from time to time between you and us and our order confirmation for those products, which has been issued to you in response to an order you send to us, but no conditions that you put in your order. 8.5 Despite our right to terminate this contract in accordance with clause 12.2.3, any contract for the sale of products is a separate contract between you and us.

An omission on our part with respect to a contract for the sale of the products does not give you the right to treat that error as a breach of that agreement. 8.6 Wholesale/DIY customers who are contractually obliged to purchase their cups/ingredients and ancillary aggregates exclusively from CVS Ltd are subject to a quarterly compliance check. 5.4 The goods have been delivered to the customer in the explicit agreement that the customer has accepted the delivery conditions published on our website in .

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