Salesforce Professional Services Agreement

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For clarification, the following processing is considered an instruction from reseller and/or from you: (a) the processing necessary for the performance of SFDC`s obligations arising from the agreement it has entered into with the reseller with regard to the provision of the platform associated with the reseller`s application; and (b) processing initiated by your users when using the Reseller Application. resellers and other third-party providers, some of which may appear on pages on the SFDC website, including third-party application providers, provide products and services related to the platform, the SFDC service and/or the reseller application, including implementation, adaptation and other consulting services related to customers` use of the SFDC platform and/or service; and applications (both offline and online) that cooperate with the SFDC platform and/or service, for example. B by exchanging data with the SFDC platform and/or service or by providing additional functionality in the user interface of the SFDC platform and/or service using the SFDC platform and/or application programming interface. SFDC does not warrant such third-party products or their products or services, including, but not limited to, the Reseller Application, any other Reseller product or service, whether or not such products or services are certified by SFDC, “validated” or not. Any exchange of data or other interaction between you and a third party, including, but not limited to, the Reseller Application, and any purchase of products or services offered by such Provider, including, but not limited to, the Reseller Application, will be exclusively between you and such third party. In addition, certain additional features (which are not defined as part of the SFDC Platform or Service) of SFDC or a reseller may be offered to you from time to time, for a fee on a pass through or OEM basis, in accordance with the terms set forth by the licensor and that you have agreed to purchase such additional functionality separately. . . .

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