Yamuna Expressway Authority Agreement To Lease

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Or what is the total cost of a plot of YEIDA for each Allottee? Or what are the different fees for registering a land? Or how much is the rent of a 300-metre plot of land? Or what is the current circle rate? Answer: Yes, if you have leased your land, you can sell it and have it transferred on behalf of the buyer, since transfers of residential land in 2009 are now open for Sector 18-20 (Oct. 2019). 16. That all the general and specific terms and conditions contained in the Authority`s brochure and the letter of attribution be an integral part of this agreement and, in the event of opposition, the clauses of this agreement or the clause to be fulfilled are given priority. Yamuna Industrial Development Authority has launched an industrial land of 4000 square meters and more than 4000 square meters in APPAREL PARK – STARTUP, MSME PARK AND STARTUP, HANDCRAFT – ODOP-UP, PARK AND STARTUP in sector-29. 2. AND ALLOTTEE DOTH HEREBY DECLARE AND COVENANT WITH AUTHORITY IN THE MANNER AS FOLLOWS: a) Allottee pays the Authority the Rs.____________/- (rs. ___________________Rs______________Provided Rs.____________das_ Unless payments and interest are paid on the date or due date, interest of 14% is calculated at the end of the year. (b) Allottee`s payments are first adjusted for the interest payable, if any, and then on the premium, if any, and the balance, if any, is charged on the rental rent which does not withstand any instruction/request to the contrary of the taker. c) If Allottee is late for two consecutive payments of bonuses and interest, the Authority has the right to determine the agreement and, in this case, no rental case can be executed by the Authority for the benefit of the Allottee. With the agreement of the CEO, the letters of attribution awarded will be awarded within one month of this approval by the General Manager/Manager (Industries) provided that, at the time of the execution of the leasing deed, the Allottee shall remediat a non-judicial stamp obligation of Rs.10/- Allottee is required to take possession of the industrial property within 15 days of the date of execution of the legal documents.

The land is allocated on a rental basis for a period of 90 years from the date of the rent. The allottee is required to take a year-end certificate within 48 months of the expiry date of the tenancy deed. Units that become operational within 48 months of the due date of the execution of the lease status in the functions. In the third quarter of 2009, the Authority launched its first housing project. Applications were filed for rentals in sizes 300 Sq.Mtr., 500 Sq. Mtr., 1000 Sq.Mtr., 2000 Sq.Mtr. – 4000 Sq.Mtr. And the draw took place in October 2009 and about twenty-one thousand plots were awarded by a traction system of different sizes. 7. Copy a letter from the cheque list (you receive it from Yamuna`s authority for the rent of your property).

We are dealing with residential areas in areas 18, 20 and 22 D, and industrial land in Sector 33.34 on the Yamuna Highway, Greater Noida. 4. Photocopy of allottee`s I.D Proof (Please wear the original ID) 1 www.yamunaexpresswayauthority.com/agreement_to_lease.pdf 10.

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