Sony End User License Agreement

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Certain licensing conditions for software or third-party services licensed SIE may require IT to provide you with communications and licensing conditions for this third-party software or service. These tips and licensing conditions are available to you where YOU deem appropriate. You can use the software to store, process and use content created by you and third parties. Such content may be protected by copyrights, other intellectual property laws and/or agreements. You agree to use the Software only in accordance with all laws and agreements that apply to such content. You agree that Sony can take appropriate steps to protect copyright from content stored, processed or used by the software. AMENDMENT SONY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO AMEND ANY OF THE TERMS OF THIS EULA AT ITS SOLE DISCRETION BY POSTING NOTICE ON A SONY DESIGNATED WEB SITE, BY EMAIL NOTIFICATION TO AN EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED BY YOU, BY PROVIDING AS PART OF THE PROCESS IN WHICH YOU OBTAIN UPGRADES/UPDATES OR BY ANY OTHER LEGALLYABLE FORM OF. If you do not accept the change, you should immediately contact SONY to receive instructions. Your continued use of THE SOFTWARE after the effective date of such a communication is considered to be your consent to such a change. (i) you cannot rent, rent, sublicens, publish, edit, edit, customize, customize or translate APPLICATION software or provide any other user with a network; (ii) reverse engineering, decompilation or disassembly of application SOFTWARE, creation of APPLICATION derivatives plants; (iii) try to create the software Application source code from its object code; (iv) to use unauthorized, illegal, counterfeit or modified hardware or software with THE SOFTWARE APPLICATION; (v) reinstall earlier versions of the application software; (vi) violate the laws, regulations or laws or rights of YOU or third parties with respect to the access or use of THE SOFTWARE APPLICATION; (vii) to obtain the application software other than through the distribution methods authorized by YOU; or (viii) to use software APPLICATION in a non-licensed manner. GRANT OF LICENSE SONY grants you a limited license for the use of THE SOFTWARE only in combination with your compatible device (“DEVICE”). Sony and the TIERS-SUPPLIERS expressly reserve all rights, titles and interests (including, but not limited to all intellectual property rights) on and on the SOFTWARE that this CULA does not expressly grant you. These BAUX, the limited warranty attached to the product and Sony`s amended and amended privacy policy, together constitute the entire agreement between you and Sony with respect to the purpose of this agreement.

The UN Convention on International Contracts for the Purchase of Goods does not apply to these SACs, including, but not only to product or software. In addition, this BABA (including, but limited to the product or software) is not regulated or interpreted by referring to laws based on the Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) or other legal acts derived or related to UCITA.

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