Psac Sshrc Collective Agreement

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Bargaining Partners: UNIFOR Collective Agreement Airtime: June 30, 2022 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Adjudicator-yes, members who take leave or pay leave to attend union duties must now file an approved leave form to support the type of leave that requires loss of pay refund. Leave forms must be scanned and emailed to, the damage id (referred to the confirmation email when submitting the application) must be referred to the subject of the email. The article is quite simple, but it is important for three main reasons. 2.01 helps to define the limits of our membership and which is outside of this membership. It serves as a directive that helps to plan who makes this agreement and does not cover. 2.02 Basically says that any agreement between you and the employer must keep the agreement. The aim is to ensure that the document is applied fairly and consistently. Finally, 2.03 ensures that only the union can represent itself at the meeting with the employer. In other words, a person cannot claim to represent the union with the permission of the executive. December 3, 2020 Treasury Board and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) provided PSAC with a payment plan for the implementation of monetary provisions following the signing of the PaPA, EB, TC, SV and PSAC-UTE collective agreements. The increase and economic adjustments pay chequeDate retroactive check Date 500 Lump sum (for late implementation) Paycheck Date 400 Lump sum …

>> “Retro-revaluation of salaries and business announced for the Treasury Board and CRA bargaining units” 11.09 covers a political complaint that always begins in stage two. Political complaints are usually filed by the union or employer and not by individual members. Political problems are more systemic than group complaints. An example could be that the employer/union misinterprets a particular section of the collective agreement and misreprescies it. The overall purpose of this section (which each collective agreement contains in one way or another) is to define the areas of control that lie with management. In our case, the employer retains its rights to hire, fire, discipline and other general controls in the workplace and how it does so. 4.02 is, however, extremely important because it stipulates that the employer must retain these forms of power, but must be exercised in a reasonable manner and in accordance with our agreement. 20.03 When it comes to harassment, this collective agreement has broadly the definition of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Harassment can occur in all forms of expression (physical, sexual, verbal, written, electronic) that makes others feel humiliated or bullied. To be considered harassment, those affected must know or must reasonably know that their actions could be perceived as unwelcome.

In this way, intentional ignorance is not a valid defence against a charge of harassment. The rest of the article simply describes how fees are transferred from members to the union.

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