Confidentiality Agreement For Housekeeper

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Individuals and families have very different definitions of limits and the inclusion of a confidentiality agreement in the written employment agreement of a nanny or other housekeeper is a proven method. In the best case, it opens the conversation between the family and his servant on discretion, limits and confidentiality. This is an opportunity for the family to set its standards and expectations. In the worst case, the family has reason to separate or dismiss the nanny, who shares a blow by a blow of the last marital dispute in the neighborhood park with other nannies and your neighbors. What should be covered by the confidentiality clause of the labour agreement? Depending on your personal preferences and concerns: A New England nanny`s timekeepers sign an agreement with the agency not to discuss or disclose private information. Families who hire long-term caregivers must establish their own agreement if they wish. For more information, please contact us at (518) 348-0400. It is certainly wise for HR practitioners to carry out risk assessments related to workers` housework. They should see who has reasonably access to a home computer, how safe the home is and how the data is transmitted. As part of this risk assessment, HR specialists should assess who may be present regularly outside the employee`s family, including babysitters, governors, cleaners and gardeners. In the most extreme situations where an employee has access to highly sensitive or commercially valuable information at home, it may be worth considering a Confidentiality Agreement (NDA). In the business world, many companies require their employees to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that all private and confidential information they seek must remain secure, as employees are familiar with company-related reports, policies, procedures and other internal communications.

Although the world of employment in households is in a very different environment, it is not that different when it comes to private information. Do you need a confidentiality agreement for your nanny or another employee? While many employers simply rely on loyalty so that their nanny or other employee does not violate that trust, some may wish for the security of a confidentiality agreement.

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