That’s a Good Question Podcast#1: Dr. John Marzluff -Ravens and Crows and Jays, Oh My!

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Dr. John Marzluff -January 8, 2014

Dr. John Marzluff -January 8, 2014

Dr. John Marzluff is Professor of Wildlife Science at the University of Washington. He is one of the world’s leading experts on corvids (crows, ravens, magpies, etc.) and birds of prey.

In addition to teaching, researching and writing, he has appeared in films such as “Ravens”, which is part of the PBS series Nature, as well as “A Murder of Crows” which is part of the CBC TV series, “The Nature of Things” with Dr. David Suzuki.

Please list to our interview via podcast here and let us know what you think!

Interview with Dr. John Marzluff -January 8, 2014 (mp3 audio file)


Welcome to the “That’s a Good Question” Project!

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The idea behind this project is simple, yet I believe quite powerful: if you can learn how to ask good questions, are learning how to learn more effectively.

My students will endeavour to research, discuss and then develop questions that will help them learn how to learn. The topics will vary, so will our guest interviewees.

Students will ask our guests their best questions in the hopes of eliciting the response, “That’s a good question!” When and if this happens during the course of the interview, students are quite likely to applaud or cheer with the satisfaction of knowing that their question has earned this honest praise and feedback.

So please take a moment to listen in and enjoy my students’ questions and some very interesting answers from some of the world’s most interesting people.
Please let us know what you think!


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